Why Interstate ?

What differentiates Interstate Tires from other brands ?

1. Interstate Tires started in 2009 with the implementation of stringent tire labeling and fuel economy regulations for all their tyres.

In 2015 Interstate Tires redesigned their complete product offering and improved structural components-such as tread patterns and reformulating compounds-in tires.

Interstate Tires continue seek opportunities to reduce rolling resistance, increase wear resistance, and improve fuel economy for vehicle owners.

2. In 2015 Interstate Tires shifted from standard grades to high-performance solution-styrene butadiene (S-SBR) and neodymium poly-butadiene  (Nd-PBR) rubbers.

3. Interstate Tires continues to increase the substitution of carbon black with silica and polymer nano-composite fillers in tire treads. The growth in the usage of Nd-PBR and S-SBR in Interstate’s tire treads has reduced rolling resistance significant.

The Interstate ECO Tour Plus is one of the industries leading low rolling resistance tyre.

4.While steel and polyester cords remain the most preferred in the tire industry, Interstate Tires is using ultra modern carbon and synthetic fibers to increase strength and performance.

5.ALL Interstate Tires are produced with environment-friendly treated-distillate aromatic extract (TDAE), mild extraction solvate (MES), and naphthenic oils.