The program of INTERSTATE TIRES contains a full line of Passenger, SUV, Light Truck, 4x4 and Truck TBR.
Both in summer and winter. With over 320 SKU’s, INTERSTATE is continuously adding new sizes and upgrading
existing sizes. Please see our products on our website or download the complete 2018 brochures here:
Interstate brochure 2018 Summer
Interstate brochure Winter
Interstate brochure 2017 Truck

Interstate size range 2018: all sizes Summer in Excel
Interstate size range 2018: all sizes Winter in Excel


  1. Touring IST1
  2. Touring GT
  3. Sport GT
  4. Sport IXT-1 
  5. Eco Tour Plus
  6. Sport SUV GT 
  7. SUV GT
  8. VAN IVT-1 
  9. VAN GT
  10. Tracer A/T
  11. All Terrain GT
  12. Trailcutter M/T
  13. TourPlus
  14. SportPlus
  15. Run-on-Flat RFT


  1. Winter IWT-2 EVO 
  2. Winter SUV IWT-3D
  3. Winter VAN IWT-ST (studable)
  4. Duration 30
  5. Duration WinterQuest
  6. Duration WinterQuest LT
  7. Winterclaw Extreme (studable)
  8. Artcic Claw TXI (studable)
  9. Arctic Claw XSI (studable
  10. Winterclaw Extreme LT (studable)
  11. IWT-30 soft compound