Winter Program

The Interstate winter tyre range contains 7 lines, please see here our winter catalogue
Scroll down to see the size range or click on the tyre line to see the picture of the patterns.
Click here to download the winter size range 2016 in excel sheet

  1. Interstate Winter VAN IWT-ST                          Studdable
  2. Interstate WinterClaw ExtremeGrip                   Studdable
  3. Interstate WinterClaw ExtremeGrip LT               Studdable
  4. Interstate Arctic Claw TXI                                 Studdable
  5. Interstate Arctic Claw XSI                                Studdable
  6. Interstate IWT-30                                            Soft Compound
  7. Interstate Duration 30
  8. Interstate Duration WinterQuest                       Studable
  9. Interstate Duration Winter Quest LT                 Studable